Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends...literally, forever.

Last week, Jessie Rochat, used to be Stough, called and told me she was gonna be rolling through town with her Kids, Taylor and Reece. And then she told me Jordan was going to be with her...Jordan is her little bro.
These visits are such blessings to me because I have known all four of these people since they were born. I called Jordan "Jordie" and it didn't feel right anymore, because he is 15 and grown up. He is almost as tall as me for crying out lout!

I love these people so much. SO MUCH. They are my family. They have shared every big moment of my life with me and I know that no matter what happens, I can always count on them to love and support me. I hope they feel the same!

Jessie, Jordan, sweet little Taylor and Reece, Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! I love you sooooo much and am so grateful to have you as my family and dear friends! (I was sad to miss Jake and Gwen, but I will take what I can get!)

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