Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 1st...The day.

On July 1st, I turned 31. I should say the Wednesday before, Andrew and I were taken out to eat by our friends, Phil and Jessie Dieke, Elizabeth (Ethun) and Neil Mosely, and Dexter Evans. We chose BlueFish (sushi) on Greenville...DELISH! But, I am a dum dum and didn't take any photos.

Leading up to the birthday, I had a goal of running 3.1 miles on my 31st...And I did, and so did Andrew. We woke up and trucked it out. You should note that we are not "runners", so this is "Kinda a big deal". We were met at the end of the run with a house w/ a sprinkler and Dexter Evans ready to go to breakfast with us!
This is us right after the run!

We went to Company Cafe, where I ordered a delicious meal of all kinds of grilled veggies, salsa, on an egg omelet! YUM

I got these beautiful flowers from Andrew..there were 31 of them! (he is the best)
We went and picked up "our daughter"(Jenna Wiles) from the airport. We all went to lunch and got Fro-yo and then we dropped her off at TCU!
We stopped by the Burgers and said hey to them while in Ft. Worth.
The day ended with our friends, Matt and Jodi coming into town. We went to Urban Taco and spent tons of time chatting away.
It was a blessed Birthday and I am happy to say
that I love the life the Lord has asked me to live!

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