Thursday, December 15, 2011

My sweet, sweet nephews.

This is a story I got via text from my sister-in-law today. It was so sweet I had to share.

She said,
"We are listening to some really gorgeous chorale Christmas music on the radio and the boys were completely enraptured for a few golden moments. Fred broke the silence and said,

"they are the magic the magic of Jesus...Mom do we have magic?""

Michelle she went on to talk about how God created everything and that God is very magical and mysterious and that we are all made like him, so everything is magical... so she asked
"dont you think?"

to which he derailed, asked what's for dessert and jumped in the coats.
(which is where they are in the above picture!)

I just love that though, the magic people, like the magic of Jesus...Music will do that to you!

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