Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Christmastime in the city

This photo may be a bit misleading. It looks like we are cold and all bundled up. I am fairly certain that it was almost 60 degrees...That is Texas for you. It was rainy.
So, if you know me and have ever been around me for the holidays, I am a sucker for all things Christmas. I love the lights, the trees, the music, the movies the foods and all the friends that gather. This year, I was told, "You have to check out Highland Park Village, it is amazing." I am not sure what I thought it would look like...but holy cow, I was not ready for the trees to be covered like this.
and people, there are so many of them....easily more than 30, probably more like 50! It is so bright and beautiful to me...breathtaking. I wish this picture could do it justice, but just look how many lights are on that one tree and then imagine it down both sides of the street and then some.
Some of our favorite christmas music this year has been
Matt Wertz - Snow globe,
Seryn and Friends - Seryn and Friends Christmas,
Folk Angel - Comfort and Joy,

and we just found the new Hillsong - Born is the king.
If you like kids, Hillsong or Christmas...or pretty things, watch this. It is beautiful!

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