Monday, December 5, 2011

White Rock Marathon Weekend

This weekend was a really great one for Andrew and I. It was White Rock Marathon weekend and for us that meant that we got to see lots of friends who we adore! Allyson Lean and Tim Fritson made the decision a few months ago to run the Dallas 1/2 and full marathon for two reasons. It is flat...and the weather is nice. was flat.
It ended up being around 42-44 degrees on Sunday, which would have been nice, however...IT POURED DOWN RAIN!
The two ran and Kelley Rowe, Jenna Wiles, Melody Fritson and I tracked them and cheered loud. They killed it!
After the thawing had begun! Kelley, Allyson, and Jenna...Allyson's medal says 13.1!
Tim and Melody post race.

Mile 7! Pouring rain!
Allyson surprised us and jumped out of the crowd, so I don't have a pic of her face on mile 7.
Post race. Allyson may look like she is happier than Tim in this pic...but at this point her goosebumps were bigger than thought humanly possible and she was shaking a lot! haha!
This was right after crossing the finish line. This is where I brag on our friend a bit. He finished 26.2 miles in 2:54. Ridiculous. We are so proud of you!

And these are the finishers! Seriously, you two, We love you and are so proud of you!

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