Saturday, September 10, 2011

4. Really?

Today is Fred's 4th Birthday. He is my nephew...and I love him.
I remember seeing him for the first time...I cried.
I love this little guy so much. It is a really strange thing to me that he can have conversations that make sense. He is a funny, smart, and a totally cute little 4 year old. I pray for him and his little bro. all the time, and while it is fun to think about what he will be like when he grows up, it is a blast to watch him be a kid.
The last time I saw him, he wanted to go on a run with me and listen to "The Cave" (mumford and sons) What kind of kid does that! He is a constant joy in my life.
Love you Fred! Happy Birthday!

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Karen said...

Wow! He is adorable!!! Happy B-day Fred!