Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's goin on.

Well, I am back in good ole TX. I spent 2 weeks traveling around cold MO (where I got to see so many people...it was so great!) and working to complete the first ever His Voice Global Weekend...I would call it a success...and I hope if there is ever one near you, you should come.
At work we have some fun things going on. Like our new video!

Our friend (Andrew and me) Dexter Evans edited it, and our friends at Balmorhea let us use the music. Friends, Balmorhea is magical. There are no words, just some of the most beautiful music you have ever heard. So, if you are one who likes music and appreciates when it is GOOD...Please check them out! They will thank you...and so will you...thank yourself...for listening.

Also, today is the release of our new Shirt release with VIVE.
Me in a girls L
The cutest man ever (My dear Husband, Andrew Beard) in a regular L.

VIVE is a great partner with us and we would love for you to get one and then help us get out the word of His Voice Global. To read about why the shirts say "LISTEN", just go HERE!

As far as personally...well Andrew and I have never spent 2 weeks apart from one another and as far as I'm concerned, it isn't really anything I am interested in doing ever again. We have been laughing a lot and cooking a LOT! We have moved on to some fall recipes, which make our house smell like fall...
Have you ever made home-made apple sauce? Seriously, take out your crock pot. Seed and core some apples. Sprinkle with cinnamon. (that is all we do, but you could add brown sugar, or vanilla, or carmel) Turn on the crock pot, wait a few hours and then stir...the apples fall apart, your house smells so ridiculously amazing and you are eating some healthy delicious home-made apple sauce!
As of now, we don't own a TV, so we are trying to decide which shows of the Fall we will watch and where we can find them online...this is a fun thing for us!
Andrew started Seminary and is not only doing well, but I think he is actually enjoying it!

As far as running goes, I took a week off and hit it with Andrew when I got home. We ran 3 miles...I waited a day and finally ran 6.2! I seriously couldn't believe that I could run that far.
I tweeted about this, so now I will clarify. My tweet spoke about how one of my favorite benefits from running is that I get to share my accomplishments with my brother. Well, when I told him I ran a 10K, he was so proud of me...this from the dude who runs 20 like its nothing. It makes me feel special.

Okay, that is enough random thoughts to keep you busy for a minute, but thanks for stopping in. Also, I am starting to read more on marriage stuff...so that I may feel smart enough to teach on it one day. I hope to share some thoughts with you soon!

Love you, Missed you, glad to be back!

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