Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dont Judge me!

two things. One personal and one for work.

I am going to start with the work and keep it simple with a link!
November 6th is Orphan Sunday. If you want to join in on that day to support the orphans His Voice Global works with, we are asking you to throw a party!
So, If you are at all interested in this idea...CLICK HERE!

Now onto personal!
Andrew and I watch very serious shows, thick plots, mysteries...this kind of thing. I, however, love a good light hearted comedy. You will never make me deny that my roots lie in shows like the Cosby Show, Growing Pains and of course Saved by the Bell. I enjoy silly comedy.
This all comes back around...hang in here with me...I may be known in certain circles as the one who "laughs so hard at herself she makes herself cry!". I have probably said it here on this blog, that it is because "I know what I think is funny, so I say what I will laugh at". Does this make sense to anyone else?
Here is the connection...I wanted to watch something silly and for just a few minutes and we realized this new show "New Girl" has started and got really mixed reviews. Well, we started it and deary, deary, I think I found my best friend.
Meet Jess.
okay, I know it's Zooey Deschanel but I have no idea if she is anything like her character or not. The show is about this girl (Jess) who lives with boys and its basically about how they interact. The thing about the show is that I think she is HILARIOUS and the rest of the show is shrug worthy...but there were multiple times per show that I was crying due to my laughter. I actually looked at Andrew with tears streaming down my face and said, "She gets it!" and I meant my humor. By all means, she is a dorky dork and the truth is...she tells horrible jokes, speaks in different accents and voices and sings her way through situations...and people look at her like she is weird and the boys always roll their eyes at her. But I love her. I totally relate to this character and wether or not the show is horrible, I laughed harder at her than at any show I have watched in the last few years.
So friends, if you really wonder how I act in my home, or wonder what kind of humor really cracks me up, sit back, ignore the guy in the pink and his slut comments, and watch her work her magic.
I at least know Allyson will get a kick out of it!

Hope it made you at least smile!
Oh coome on...she's funny! right?

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