Sunday, September 4, 2011


A while ago I made this pizza that used this delicious sauce made with cilantro instead of a tomato sauce. I loved the flavor so much that I started using the base sauce and adding stuff to it and putting it in and on everything.

The base is this:
a huge handful of cilantro
EVOO (I add like 1/8 a cup to get started)
2 jalepenos (Seeded)


If you want it thicker add less EVOO

Sometimes I add less cilantro and more EVOO and then add some brown sugar and almonds and make it a salad dressing for an asian salad with mandarin slices, celery and snap peas...(and lots of fresh spinach)

Lately I have been adding honey and pistachios and adding it to mexican food.
I put it in green chicken chili enchiladas last week and this week I added it to mexican pork tacos (like in the place of sour cream). Something about the sweet nutty flavor goes so well with spicy mexican dishes.

So, if you are looking to sauce things up and add a fresh new is my contribution to your food!

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