Thursday, September 1, 2011

kindred spirits

This year for vacation we went to Destin, FL. We usually do a Panama City beach vaca, but our vacation this year was not as much about where, but about who. Yes, we were in Destin, and got to spend time on the beach, but more fun for us was getting to spend a week with our dear friends, Jacqueline and Derek Garcia. We met at National youth Pastors Convention, November 2009, in Atlanta...and we have seen each other in person exactly 4 times; when we met, last year on vacation (we met them for dinner), at NYWC this previous year in Nashville...and in August when we spent a week at their house!
It is hard to explain our relationship with the Garcias, but I try with the words "kindred spirits". It is a daily activity for me to figure out how we can all serve in the same place. The Lord is our common bond, but it doesn't hurt that we have a ton of similar interests, and that Derek may be the funniest person I have ever met. We just LOVE them...that is all. It was a refreshing week that we needed and we were so blessed by their hospitality and more than that their company...and their dog, toby
...I know, I almost didn't say it...but I liked toby and I feel bad keeping it to myself.

here are some pics for you to look at.

Andrew and I went on a date!

This is a photo I took about 10:00pm. I love the results of a long exposure shot at the beach. It makes the world look magical.
The Garcias. Love.

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Ben said...

You guys look goooooooooooood