Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting by

This is going to be a shorter post, but something I have been thinking about.
People ask me everyday, "how are you doing?" Usually this is in reference to raising a 1 year old, working from home, and being pregnant. My answer lately has been, "We are making it!" And we are. We are making it, and we are making it with Joy in our hearts, excitement in our days, and lots of love and laughter...but it is getting harder the bigger I get! I want to pick Fos up swing him around, but walking 5 steps with him kicks my butt!

Here are two thoughts I have had lately on "getting by"

1. not everything needs to be a battle. When we found out we were pregnant with Foster, people asked us lots of questions about how we are going to parent. I always said, "It depends on the temperament of the kid." Of course there were certain things that I just thought I would care about. Like my kid playing on the bathroom floor...or things I thought may be gross...
But yall, Foster woke up an hour earlier than usual which made my getting ready a little more trying on Sunday morning...While I was getting ready, he was keeping buys.
Sometimes you just can't care...Don't worry, we definitely used all the toilet paper - it didn't go to waste.

 2. what happens when that Chick-fil-a sticker book runs out of stickers and your kid want to play with stickers? You tear up the sticker paper while you are on a "business call" and stick it all over your kid...
 then let him stick it on you.

Look. Sometimes you just have to make due! 

This parenting thing is a constant adventure. Trying to soak everything in and not make big deals out of nothing is actually a task. You see a pile of TP on the floor and want to roll your eyes and say "Foster Isaac!"...but bottom line, I think it is way more fun to take a pic and laugh.

At the end of each day I am reminded again that to each his own when it comes to parenting. 
You do what you can and do what works best for your family!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Scott Beard said...

Great blog...and so true. It is a good choice to not sweat the small stuff...and pretty much everything is small stuff!