Monday, July 15, 2013


this photo is from May. We should try harder at taking
photos of ourselves. 
8 years ago today a decent sized group of our friends and family stood by and watched Andrew and I say "I do".  It seems like yesterday, for real.
Here are just a few thoughts - which may seem like rambling.

I go on and on about my spouse, I know. But I just love him.
year after year we have shared our anniversary with something.

1 came with a move to KC.
2 was a real celebration at a B and B in Springfield, M.
3-4 were surrounded by an abundance of camp, mission trips, and ministry at LUMC.
5 was a bus ride home from Camp.
6 he left for Costa Rica.
7 we were like 20 days into new baby territory.
and today (well in 10 minutes) we celebrate 8.

And no, there is nothing on the agenda. We are not (necessarily) sleep deprived and no one is leaving town (or the country).  We were lying with Fos a little earlier and I was just looking at the two of them thinking about how truly blessed I am. I love watching Andrew be a dad. I love being a wife and a mom. I am just really grateful.

Andrew, everyday you are an example of Godliness to me. You inspire me. Thank you for making me laugh and for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. You are a joy to live life with. I love you to pieces. Happy Anniversary. Let's have another one next year.

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