Thursday, August 30, 2007

more on Matt and Jodi

Well here is the newest news as of 11:53am on Thursday morning.
They got to Chicago just fine and are taking the Amtrack to St. Louis where Jodi's parents will be picking them up there and taking them to Houston for a few days to get thier car and re-coup. The details I got were just that the place is corrupt, government through law. I guess their "boss" there told them, "you will be working illegally and I can and will bribe the cops and the landlords." also the countries stability is in jepordy! so they are home. her cell is almost dead, and they will be Houston for a few days rehabilitating! Please be praying for them as we can only imagine the frustration and wonder that they are going through right now!


Amber said...

oh my goodness. this is totally bizarre. i cant even handle it. tell them many people are praying! let us know if we can help in any way. they can sleep at our house if they are driving from Houston to MO....or whatever. Loves.

Sarah said...

Thanks Amber, I will let them know!!
you are so sweet!

LaTisha Robinson said...

Hey Sarah, please tell matt and jodi that if there is anything that i can do to please let me know. I have a good idea of how their friends could help them...please give me a call on my cell phone 816-785-2691! love you guys.