Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, I have had some worrysome phone calls, Just so everone knows, this is the e-mail that we recieved from Matt and Jodi

Hello everyone, We have some news...we are coming home tomorrow. We will be in Chicago on the 30th and we are trying to figure out if we are going to fly from Chicago or rent a car. We are seeing which one is cheaper. Please don't get worried. We have just found out some things while we are over here and we think that it is best if we go back home. We have found out the director of the school is a crook. He won't get us work visas and he wants us to work illegally like it is no big deal. Pretty much everything he has told us is a lie. Another thing is that we are not real sure if Serbia is quite stable right now. Kosovo is suppose to declare independence sometime in Nov and some parties are not really happy about it. We will give you all more details of everything when we get home. Please keep us in your prayers and remember that we are safe right now and okay. We will figure out job situations when we get back to the states. We will also call you guys when we arrive in Chicago to let you know when we are back. Our flight is "suppose" to get in at 10;30 a.m....but we all know how flying goes :) We love you all, Matt and Jodi

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