Thursday, May 24, 2007

Worst Morning Ever!

I hope you get a kick out of this! We got to sleep at about 1am on Saturday night. We woke up slowly at 6:30 am to get up and ready for church. We needed to get there at 8:00! So the morning begins, Andrew went and got into the shower and I went to make coffee. As I was making coffee, I spilled grinds all over the place. So I cleaned them up and went in to start washing my hair. Andrew was ironing by now. So I go in and pull out the shower head and start washing my hair, I am not sure what happened next, but the shower head broke. Which is funny because we only have one shower. So...I wash out the conditioner and head into the bedroom where Andrew is still Ironing. He kept saying "I can't get this shirt flat!" so I sit down and start drying my hair. We are chatting, he is ironing I am blowing by hair dry, when all of a sudden the breaker TRIPS! If you have been to my house, you know what it is like in my basement. Right now it is dungeonsville! So i prance down stairs to flip the breaker and it is too dark and i can't find the one that has tripped. Andrew then has to come down and he realizes that for some reason the breaker for my bedroom is labeled "Furnace"! I don't know why!

SO we go up to finish getting ready...I finish straightening my hair and Andrew is STILL IRONING. He is so frustrated that he has moved over to the dinner table and is ironing on a towel on top of the table. I tell him to go straighten his hair (yes he straightens his hair) and I will work on his shirt. I had his shirt flat in no time and I hear "OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

The CHI died!! so we deal with that and we finish getting ready. I was making to-go cups of coffee when Andrew walks through the door into the living room all dressed, handsome as ever and guides my eyes, with his pointed finger, to the hem of his pants. they are ripped at the very bottom. I tell him, they aren't bad, no one will notice. he leaves the room and comes back a second later (by now it is 8:10) so frustrated! I look down and his pants have split up the leg to his knee. He takes off his pants, gets some needle and thread and sits down. I ask, "do you want me to do that." to which he replies "I'm sorry, do you know how to sew pants." At which point I just start laughing. I go over to pick up the ironing stuff and realize that the towel has picked up a bit of the finish on the table. We finally head out the door with coffee in hand, almost afraid to tip the cup in case of a large spill. We are driving to church when I hear a noise and i look down at the cup and coffee is coming out of the top of the mug, which is basically impossible. I look at Andrew and say, "seriously, you have to think this is funny." and he assured me "I will laugh later."

Needless to say, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph the morning. I hope you can relate! We all have those days don't we. I say Laugh while it is happening so that you don't get so mad! There is obviously nothing you can do!

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