Friday, September 26, 2008

I mean, now that I have internet!

So this weekend is Fall Festival here in Liberty MO, if you are my friend or family member and have not been to my home, I have to tell you a secret. I live in Mayberry! straight up Andy Griffith style! One saturday last fall, I was waiting for the new Harry Potter book to come in the mail. So, on this beautiful Saturday morning, Andrew and I took a little walk to the square where we happened to run into our mail man delivering mail! We waved to him and he shouted back across the street, "do you want your book now?" No. I am not he went to his truck and got out my book! Welcome to the "we think we are a small town but we have 600 in our graduating class" life.

So in honor of Fall Festival, I will be taking several photos of the town so you too, can feel like you are here with me, smelling the most awesome aromas of life. Fall and Festival.

But for now I will post some random photos so you don't get bored while you wait!This is me...and thext one is a flower arrangement that was on my kitchen table!

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