Monday, September 29, 2008

My favorite corner of our house and a little idea.

This little corner of my house is one of my favorites. The painting is my brothers and it just happens to be my favorite. For some reason this corner makes me happy! I love quite a few different styles of decorating, but one thing that stands in all of the things I like it is clean...I am not a fan of clutter and I am not a fan of dark.
So, I recently painted my living room/dining room white. We went to the farmers market on Sat where we got some pasta. the fetuccinni is chipotle and the fun colored pasta is southwest corn, jalepeno, red pepper and black bean. I wanted to put some flowers in the kitchen, but then I realized I had pasta that needed a home, and it is pretty, so this is what I did with it! I thought about taking off the paper, but I didn', maybe I will do that tomorrow!

Centerpiece for a limited time!!

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LaTisha said...

I like clean too! I also like simple... clutter is not in my vocabulary. Good ol' Parpadelle's Pasta... I knew if you tried it one good time you would be hooked. It's Karnell's and my favorite... sometimes I go to KC just for the farmers market so I can get more pasta. It's a cryin' shame!