Thursday, September 25, 2008

a few things

Well, first I want to tell you that my friend Katie has a blogspot that I just discovered and you should check it out! It is inspiring!

I have a few announcements.

1. I have internet!!!!! No, I am not lying, this is the first time that Andrew and I have had internet. ever! We are so excited. This also means that I have access to my blog when I get home from work! Hurray!

2. I think I get to have my tonsils taken out! How awesome is this! Well, you may not think it is exciting, but, i get these gross things called tonsiliths, or tonsil stones, and last night I had an issue with them, so I am off to see an ENT doctor next tuesday and hopefully, a tonsillectomy to follow! yeah!

now because I have been inspired by Katie's blog I would like to tell you that I have been slowly re-arranging and changing things in my house. this is not my house, but a photo from Z Gallerie's web site. But all my walls are white, my accents are oarnge and my sofa is still brown! I will post photos soon!


Tramfrau said...

Sam just had his tonsils out this past spring. It wasn't fun at all, but he's very happy he had it done! He liked the Oxycodone, though. ; ) Let us know when/if you have it done so we can pray for you! Love, Linda

katie mae said...
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katie mae said...


i miss you :(

thank you for the shoutout on your blog. i appreciate you reading mine. blogs are fun. i certainly love reading yours.

and...the picture you put up of z gallery is a good find. that place is beautiful. and speaking of beautiful your house is beautiful. i don't know if i've ever told you this, but everytime we leave your house im like, man...i wish our place was more like this. i love your decorating!

i'm coming to kansas city in october at the very latest...maybe we can get together?

miss you!
katie mae

p.s. the pics were in kearney, mo.

krista said...

oh girl, my fave girl emily in indianapolis, had her tonsils and adnoids out 2 weeks ago. she's our age as well. i'm telling you, popcicles (the cheap nonreal-fruit kind) will become your best friend. keep me posted. i have several medical tips for ya! :) congrats on getting internet!