Friday, October 19, 2007

So after Austin I got to Go to Florida!

Taking Summer Vaca. in October is AWESOME!

The weather was great and we did NOTHING!!!

Well we laid out and ate a lot! (I gained nearly 2 lbs, but don't worry, I already lost it.)


This is us having dinner at the Back Porch, in Destin

My favorite Memories!
Just in case you were wondering, I definitley hit 5 holes-in-one!

(which means that I killed Andrew!)


RachelDenbow said...

I love the Back Porch! We used to go to Destin every summer from jr. high to my 2nd year of college! Its such a beautiful place but I bet the traffic is even worse than I remember it.
Can't beat the clear, warm water though.

photography4me said...

I miss florida, that is where my sister lives. It brings back so many memories seeing these pics. I haven't been to visit my sister in about 2 yrs. But she has come home to wisconsin a few times since then. I really wish I could have my sister live here again. I miss her alot! She lives in Naples.