Sunday, July 5, 2009

to the 4th of July and New Friendships

Well, this 4th of July started out as any other day. We woke up with no plans...none. A few people told us they may call, but by Sat. morning, we still hadn't heard anything.
My phone rang, and it was our new friends. Heather and Tate. They invited us to the lake with Tate's family. We love new people, so without a thought we said yes. We spent the day just hanging out at the lake. It was such a relaxing day and now we have new friend! When fireworks started we were surbrised to find out that not only could we see one fireworks show, but 3. It was awesome!
Thanks Heather and Tate!

This is 2 of the fireworks shows!
This was taken at about 9:30pm. It was so dark! The "Kids", (heather) were lighting sparklers, so I was able to find a focus...when I did...VIOLA! By the way, I was able to take this photo becuase my in-laws bought me an awesome tri-pod for my B-day! Thanks Scott and Anne!
This is Tate and Heather, and Finley. We met heather first at her boutique. Catfish & Tater. you have to check it out! Blog and Website! check out the website! also, she has an Etsy!
Tate and Finley
This is my hott husband Andrew on the 4th of July! Just Chillin in his new shorts! I love this man! Hope you had a fun and safe day too!

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