Thursday, January 24, 2013

I don't know what to say

Look, I know I have epically failed at blogging for the last...THREE months. I don't feel bad about it. I have had some major adjusting to do, and those little bits of time that I get during nap time have been spent working, brushing my teeth, and doing dishes.
I had considered quitting my job earlier this year, but realized that I love the work of His Voice Global so much, that It was actually painful for me to think about not being a part of it. Plus I work with some pretty great people.

In review,
Andrew took a trip to Israel in Dec...(jealous) and that was a great opportunity for me to get to MO to see my family as well as Andrew's mom coming to visit me for a week! I have the best family!

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.

We had a great Christmas with lots of traveling. We got to be the "Holy Family" at our home church's Christmas Eve family service (Foster killed it as baby Jesus...and as Santa) That was a strange thing to type.

We got to see lots of Family at Christmas and even SNOW!!!

The past few months have brought exciting things to our friend group, our dear friends Meggie and Dexter got engaged, our little buddy Nathaniel got baptized, and just two days ago Phil and Jessi had their baby girl! So fun! And I was lucky enough to photograph both the engagement and the birth (No pics of the new baby since Phil and Jessi haven't seen them yet!).

Perhaps the coolest thing for me was seeing all 4 cousins together for the first time...and getting to meet baby Eden! I know I am biased, but these 4 boys are seriously handsome!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to! But...before you go, this is my newest favorite pic of Foster.

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