Saturday, September 20, 2014

My little surprise is 1.

You guys! Of course I was going to make a mad comeback (to the blog) to talk about the sweet emotions of my baby turning 1.

The first thing we say about Keating is, "he is the happiest baby...until he isn't". Thanks be to God for a smiley baby! I chose these pics and there were so many of smiles and from so early on.

It is hard to believe that a year ago right now, I was waiting for him to arrive and I didn't know that I was having a boy. It's no lie that his little life was a surprise and oh my goodness what a sweet surprise! He has brought so much much joy and laughter to our home. Foster LOVES him and is clearly happy to have a brother.  This year has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. Having two kids is hard...having two this close together may be harder and then adding jobs and volunteering...It is a lot and it is fulfilling and it is also exhausting...and the sleep...I kind of miss  sleep. BUT! This post is about this special little person that God chose to join our family. There is not a day that goes by that I don't look at Keating and laugh with him. He is trying so hard to keep up with Fos and I think it is awesome, but I also want to squeeze his little body (which isn't actually all that little) and keep his head in the crook of my neck for ever so I can breathe in his sweet baby smell! He is a light and a miracle and perfect surprise.


Now it's time for my "momservations":

This kids can smile for days and just seems content. I seriously think that he arrived with a smile on his face...And then he gets tired or hungry...and watch out! He fights sleep like a maniac - but when he gives in he, sleeps pretty well. 
His laugh is one for the movies. You know, that time when they dub in a baby laugh...that is Keatings laugh. It really is perfect.
His little curls hide this wicked cowlick! (is it really spelled like that?)
He eats EVERYTHING you put in front of him!
He has 8 teeth and constantly puts everything - including your fingers - in his mouth to chomp on! He drools like mad.
He sleeps pretty well.
He is walking. He started walking about 2 weeks ago and I am absolutely positive that it is so he can keep up with Foster.
He is using words. He says, "Hot, bottle, dad, and ball!"
Ask him how old he is and he will show you on his finger!
 Y'all, thanks for loving my kid. That is truly a blessing in my life that blows me away all the time.

And to you dear sweet Keating,

You were born as a complete surprise to your momma and daddy. This is not to say that you were unwanted at all. To say that you are more than we could have hoped of would be a massive understatement. Your dad and I find so much joy in watching you exist; in watching you watch the world and offer it your kindness and laughter. We joke that you will be the kid in school that everyone always wants around because you make everyone feel like they are the funniest and best person ever. I pray so hard that your lighthearted spirit is something that is ingrained into your soul. I love that you look at people in the eye and offer a smile so quickly. You teach me. Your little life has changed us for sure.
Your face is just an insane little ball of perfect and your eyes, gosh, we melt in the blueness of your eyes.  Your laugh and your smile are unstoppable. You could totally change the world for someone with that smile...and you have this silly, sweet noise you make like Donald Duck and I know multiple people in your life who do it in their own homes just to be silly - because it makes them laugh. You leave a mark on the people you meet and you, my sweet, sweet boy, have surely left a mark on your dad and me. We could not love you more and there is NOTHING that you could err do to change that.
We pray that growing up around church and college students only adds to your experience. The Lord has placed us in such a unique and wonderful position and I am so happy that our lives are all about teaching people about the Love of God...Here is the cool thing about this; You and your bro are a part of this. Even today we were at a football boulevard and I left you on a picnic blanket. I walked away for 5 seconds and turned around and there were two girls holding you and taking pics with invite them in and I truly believe that it is because of the Spirit in you. You are such a cool kid and I cannot wait to watch you grow up and be a silent and fun leader. As I have written to your brother, I pray that you want to Love Jesus so much and truly seek him. I pray that we lead you well.
I am so glad I am your momma, baby. Im just so glad.
Happy first year of life!

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