Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friends, hair and bad weather

We went to Springfield a few weeks ago and got our hair done by, the amazing, Becca! She is my favorite hair do-er ever!! I love her and will never go to another! ever. done. she better not quit or I'm, screwed! So here is a photo of her cute little family.
before my hair color

and of course, here is my new hair color...
and a few pics of the weather today! sunny and Icy! Looks like Glass!


lexsmama said...

Hi! Found you off of Rachel's blog.

You look beautiful both before AND after. Isn't it great to have an amzing stylist you trust?! I don't know WHAT I'd do if Julie ever quit here. She's amazing.

I bet the cold weather gives great photo ops. Enjoy it while you can.

Have a great day!

LaTisha said...

I enjoy looking at your blog. I look on it everyday to see what cool pictures you took. Some days I am excited...other days, I'm sad to not see pictures! :( I know a great photographer when I see one! Tell Andrew I said hello; cute hair by the way! Talk to ya soon!

Joanna said...

Hi hi! I will post the recipe to my blog sometime this weekend (hopefully! hee hee!)...
Also, we would totally love to host your students at our church sometime. We are closer to Knoxville than Nashville. About 2hours from Nashville and 1 from Knoxville. But, I am not sure what route you are taking to the beach so maybe we are on the way. Crossville is located right on I-40. That would be too much fun!
We were planning on taking our kids to the same Big Stuf this year but it didn't work out. We have to work around all the wedding stuff since we are getting married next summer (YAY!) but all the weeks available for us were sold out already. :(
Have a Happy Friday!

RachelDenbow said...

Your hair color makes your eyes stand out! Lovely. Your pics make me miss the Midwest SOOOOO bad. I remember seeing ice on the trees in the quad @ OBU and thinking it was magical.

Dangerous but magical.

Merry Christmas.

Jessica said...

i love your hair! i have an appt tomorrow to get mine done. your pics are gorgeous. i think i'm going to try to shoot icicles tomorrow! thanks for the inspiration. :D


Angie said...

Hi ....
Love this photo of the icicles on this tree!!!
This will be beautiful to see!!
ohh soo wishing one day i'll adventure over and see this!!