Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Christmas!

Why is it so hard to find the "perfect" christmas gift. I must say that it is a blessing and a curse to be a "gift giver". I love to give gifts. I love it when someone opens up something that I have gotten them and is excited because they know that I actually put some thought into it. But I am so sad to report that this year, my life has been crazy and I haven't been so intentional to listen to what people want or need. So now, here I am, 3 weeks before the big celebration and no ideas about what to get. PLEASE LEAVE ME LINKS if you have any ideas!
the reason why this is a curse, is because, although i would be happy with nail polish as a gift, (i would say nothing, but i think I would actually be dissapointed if I didn't get anything) I would way rather give than recieve. So even though I am not wrapped up in the commerce of the Holidays for my own sake, I am officially wrapped up in it for the sake of others!!! what is wrong with me. Anyway, I am seriously excited the most, this year, to spend time with my family. My brother, my sister, my sweet little nephew and my husband. I can hardly wait to spend more than a frantic 2 days with them!
I am also wanting to find a way to bring Jesus deeper into the season. Andrew and I have talked about lighting an advent wreath together, but growing up baptist, I don't get the depth of yet, so I haven't made it of utmost importance.
I think it is so weird how being in the ministry, Jesus has become such a MAJOR piece of every bit of every day, I have started to realize that I just asume that people know that i am giving praise to God because of "what I do". Isn't that weird. I am thinking that I need to be more outward, even though my job and walk reflects my love for the Lord, maybe my words are less so.
This is a long e-mail full of random thoughts. Sorry, but let me ask you one more time!
Do you have any fun gift Ideas?
peace and Love...*Sarah


photography4me said...

Hello Sarah, What a lovely post.
All of my gifts this year,,well not all. But most of the gifts I will be giving this year will be hand made. But now my sister will be getting all new scrapping supplies. B/c she doesn't have any, and she would like to start. I wish I could be there when she opens it. I will leave her a note to say call me when you open so that I can at least hear you. I to also love to watch people open gifts from me, and others as well.

Now I haven't been to church in over a year, and every saturday I say to myself that I am going in the morning. But then I find a reason not to the next day. And then I say I will go next Sunday. I do need Jesus in my life.

Well I hope you have a great Sunday evening. take care.

Anonymous said...

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Happy holidays!!!!


Joanna said...

I totally can relate with the feeling of needing to be more outward in our faith. It is so easy to get caught up in the motions sometimes and to even assume others know why we do what we do for the Lord.I guess I just feel like, I know I can give more and I want every part of my life to reflect Christ...mind, heart, speech and actions.
Also, I was going to say that you should totally print out some of your beautiful photos and frame them for gifts! It would be such a personal and a beautiful thing. Plus, it wouldn't be too expensive at all.
I make salt dough ornaments every year. They are so easy to make and the ingrediants are so inexpensive it is crazy! People love them and I always make a ton so there are plenty to go around. If you want the recipe I can send it to you.
><> Joanna