Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm getting better!

Well, This week we were home! all week! I realized that I was sick of my furniture arrangement, so I changed it. It opened up the room a lot! I should probably post a photo or 2 of that! I will! but not in this one, cause I am not at home!
We got to hang out with some college friends this Saturday and Sunday, becuse we led worship together on Sunday. Which was really great! We had this awesome end of the summer youth meeting last night. 97 people came out for 2 hours to listen to the students share about their summer and to watch videos we made for all of the big events. (the four mentioned below) The families surprised us at the end with a "love offering" they took for us to spend on things that will help us relax on vacation...I won't say how much they gave us, but I will say that it would actually pay for the vacation. It was such an overwhelming night. It was the seniors last youth and it was just really moving. So we are a little overwhelmed today, but we are feeling pretty good. By the way, vacation is Thursday, and we will be out of the office for nearly 10 days. AHhh. so awesome. And I get to be with Josh, Michelle, Fred, and My Mom and Dad! and one of the days is my moms b-day! so fun! Well, I will post more later with some photos!
Love to you all.
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