Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey there, where have you been?

It is sort of sick, I know. Where have I been?
Let me just say that if you are genuinely concerned about my whereabouts on the ole' blogspot, maybe you should consider writing a check for me to purchase a working computer for my home. Work and blogging do not go hand in hand for me quite like the FB and work. So that is where I have been. So Andrew brought his work computer home, so I thought I should catch up just a little! (but only a little, cause I don't have many photos to share...I have about 4 photo shoots to edit, however, Photoshop is on my computer that has crapped out!)

Since March..
  • We took the 10th grade girls on a retreat
  • My cousins Tammy and Tyler came to town and we got to hang out in April, that was super special.
  • We went to Springfield for Blast from the FN past. A little Icthus reunion.
  • We have had a hundred youth events
  • My BF Jenny came to town for the week, which was awesome! It was awesome to have her visit my home for the first time.
  • I went to Austin for a quick "visit"
  • I had my Nephew and Michelle staying with me for 2 weeks! (Which was a bitter sweet treat-I will say without much detail)
  • My mom and Dad came to see us.
  • We worked after prom-which was pretty fun
  • We redid our back yard and now have an awesome out door space to hang out in.
  • We started doing these one day mission projects in the summer!
  • We went to the lake with a fam. from church-but it was so stinkin cold, I didn't get in. (but good news, we are going to the lake tomorrow)
  • we went to see my all time favorite band...311 along with Ziggy Marley with Andy and Bridget from Springfield.
  • I got to see Amber, Titus and Justus.
  • and we got back from camp in PCB Florida on Monday. We took 45 people for a week.
and since we got back on Monday we worked a 12 hour Tuesday and a 15 hour Wednesday! SOO...we aren't going in today!

Now we are planning what is next! Today we purchased our hotel, car and plane tickets to California for Chris Sturgeon's Wedding! we cannot wait!
I have a few photos on this computer to add so enjoy what I have for now, and I will definitely hook up my hard drive and add some more later! Excuse how horrible they are I have not put much time into the "art" lately!
I love you all!
this is an older photo and my hair doesn't look much like this anymore!

this was a Lock out that we did. We took the students out from 9pm to 8 am. went bowling, to a movie and to play ultimate Frisbee. We finished off the night with breakfast!

this is a shot from an Easter photo shoot that I did with John , however I haven't had a chance to edit yet cause of the whole computer debacle.

This is from the girls retreat!
I will be back soon with some good stories and with some photos that are actually decent!

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