Tuesday, June 30, 2009

you may think this is cool...

We had a Bible study at our home yesterday morning. Somehow, the conversation started between us and 2 girls about scripture they were studying and struggling with a little bit. The first one says, "the one I was looking at is Acts 8, where Philip is called by the Holy Spirit to speak to the Etheopian about what he was reading...here let me look it up."
At this time she pauses to look it up, and I flip it open and scan it while the other girl begins, "The one I was struggling with is in Isaiah 53, who is this servant who has to take on all this sin...Jesus wasn't around yet."
So I explain that this was a prophecy...but as I begin explaining, I continue to read...and as I was doing that I stopped, flipped back to the passage that the Etheopian was reading in Acts and read it outloud.

The scripture that the Etheopian was reading and struggling to understand "unless someone explained it to him" in Acts 8...was Isaiah 53...

Goosebumps anyone?!

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Tramfrau said...

We call those the "Holy Ghost doo-dads." ; )