Saturday, January 18, 2014

It sure is his birthday!

32 years ago today, the love of my life was born.

My life is only what it is because of the man my husband is.

Andrew, on your day (and hopefully every other day too) Foster, Keating and I want you to know how remarkable we think you are! 

Thank you for giving 100% to each thing you do. Thank you for being an outstanding human being who teaches us everyday about character, love, patience, and how to be a great friend and listener. 

Our sons are so lucky to have you as a dad! You are not only fun, but you are the perfect person to teach them about all things "manly"...and not in the hunting, fishing, car-fixing defining way the world has given the the ways that really matter, like living the life you say you want to live. By loving the Lord so much that it overflows into the things you say and do. By being patient and encouraging to the people around you. By being positive and literally never tearing anyone around you down. By always being willing to learn and grow. By being Awesome.

I pray the boys pick up on all these traits and that they are just like you (in their own ways of course). 

Thank you for leading me and the boys and for just being so darn cool. 

Also, can I just say you are super hott too! I am so proud of you and feel super special to be seen in public with you!! 

Happy Birthday to you, Andrew. You really are the best. like, for real. I love you.

ikuytrefnb - that was a note from the boys, I think it says, "Hey're the best. thanks for playing with us and for changing our diapers. We love you a lot. Happy Birthday, Foster and Keating"

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