Thursday, June 21, 2007


Todays photos were taken on my front porch! Which I love!
So the thing is, I am leaving town tonight for Imperial, the HOME LAND, so my photos of the day will have to be updated when I get back!
This week has been nuts. You would think that with my husband out of town I would throw on a movie and sip a glass of wine, but what ended up happening is...I went to work and did my job, then I followed by doing his. That is by no means a slam on him, he is at camp with kids, but there are kids here, so I had to fill in! By the way, I love filling in. If there is one thing on this earth that I know God made me good at, it is teaching the Word to people who are younger than I am. I mean that in the way that I am only good at it, because I am passionate about it.
on to other things, I guess it is out in the open now, Matt and Jodi, Mine and Andrew's best friends are moving to Eastern Europe, It is looking more and more like Prague. So pray for them as they are filling out the final paper work, and check out thier blog to see the adventure, there is a link right over there on your right. I am super sad about it, but only becuase I will miss them and wish that I could go!
So I was thinking today about my grandmother. My Dad's mom. We used to travel to Advance every weekend to visit her. It was almost a 3 hour drive, and I loved it. I had this really vivid memory today about sitting in her living room, dark outside, door open, and Hee Haw on the television. It was a nice little stroll down memory lane. what is something you remember about your childhood? that moment of complete serenity!!

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