Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I saw my brother and sister this morning. Well they came in last night. I got to see her 7 month pregnant belly. It was so great!! I have a little nephew in there. I was supposed to go to a movie tonight, and that didn't work out. Thank God, I didnt have to hang out alone. The Turnboughs graciously had me over for a barbeque. I got to play with Luke and hang out with Matt and Jodi and Wendi, so that was fun! (see other post so see who they are) Luke and I watered the flowers, and Luke watered me. Matt taught him how to call my car an infinity, and he learned to say actually. Which may be my favorite thing to hear him say. AND-Luke dances now, which is awesome!!!!

I love that family, they treat me like I am a part of it!!
Today's photo of me was taken in front of my garden. (coriopsis) (I have no idea how to spell that flower's name)

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