Monday, September 3, 2007

Rock the Light!

Well, we had a crazy fun weekend! We went to Rock the Light at Starlight theatre, where we were able to see some of our favorite Christian musicians, like, Chris Tomlin, Barlow girl, superchick, Derek Webb, Starfield, Toby Mac, a new crew called After Edmund, which blew my mind, and a whole host of other bands. It was a two day event. We took 40 kids, and did a lock-in between the days. We ended our weekend with a 5 hour nap on sunday afternoon. 2 of the highlights were getting to meet and chat with 2 of our fav's. Derek Webb, and Starfield.


Bridget said...

My birthday was great! And it looks like you had a fun weekend, as well. We had an impromptu party on Sunday night, and I was wishing you were there. :)

Andrea Bowman said...

toby mac? that's amazing! he's so great!

i worked for rock the light one year...good times.