Thursday, September 13, 2007


Weight Watchers is amazing! some of you know that I did it last year, and lost a lot of weight. When I moved I stopped and gained bit of the wieght back! well thanks to my dear friend Jessie losing a ton of weight, I saw the urgency in life to get back into it.
I started and immediatley began losing and lost about 4 lbs. and have not lost anymore since 8/2. I had started running, and eating really healthy, but the weight would not move! so this week I added stairs into my routine and I just worked my self out. I went in this afternoon to see that I had lost 3.4 lb, making my total weight loss 16.6 lbs, and am the lightest I have been since highschool! Any way, I just want to lose 7 more lbs. and I thought I could use the accountability! Love you all!


amberburger said...

way to go friend! oh, and i love the photos from the last couple of posts. so great! oh and one last thing, does this welker nephew have a name?
oh and a song before i go,
you are my sonshine
my only sonshine
you make me happy
when skys are grey

so there you go, the new christian version. ( i changed the u to an o clever huh!)

amberburger said...

oh and one more thing....
i saw this a while back and thought of this home video i once watched of you and josh...i just saw it again and realized i forgot to link it to it is
it is on fridays funnies
the youtube clip