Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random things finally caught up with me.

1. I have a degree in I think that people who get a digital camera and then think they are professional drive me crazy. There is a lot more to it than pushing a button. (there are exceptions for people who actually try to learn)
2. I do this alot when I am typing "..." I guess I don't think I ever finish a thought.
3. I love the beach more than anyplace ever. esp. Panama City Beach. I just dream about it...but I don't really want to live there, cause I may not appreciate it so much.
4. I want to be a trend-setter, but I am always a step behind.
5. I love movies and television. I can find something good about almost any movie. But I hated the following movies; SuperBad, Me Myself and Irene, Heart-break kid (with Ben Stiller)...and I love Willow, Vegas Vecation, Kill Bill 1 and 2, and Breakin and Electric Boogaloo. Ahhh, I feel relief admiting that.
6. I want to be a rock star.
7. I never wanted to have kids till I married Andrew and realized that it would be a cryin shame if a kid didn't get to have Andrew as a daddy.
8. one of my biggest wants and fears are combined. I really want to have kids, but I am desperately fearful that my life will become completley about my kids and everything else will suffer...I know, it will be fine, but I fear it.
9. I will always have to watch my weight...or I will get HUGE. But I love food and Cooking. (esp. good food)
10. I love the way nail polish looks, but I hate the way it feels on my finger nails.
11. I don't care for animals...except for fish. they are cute.
12. If I sleep past 9:30pm, I am most likely sick.
13. I love re-decorating and re-arranging furniture. I could change my house once a month if I could.
14. I tell my students at church that I love them, and I actully do. I spend days worrying about them and hoping that they are making wise decisions.
15. I have this pretty awesome dance I do around my house where I just pop out my hip to the right and sort of bob it, like a 3 year old might arms are in different places depending on how I feel.
16. I secretly believe that Andrew and I have the best relationship of anyone ever. Andrew was engaged to someone he was with for 3 years and I dated someone for 4 years and we believe that made all the difference in the world as to the way we treat each other. Andrew and I never fight.
17. I HATE fat straws. like the kind that comes with bubble tea, or at Panera with your frozen drinks. I don't just hate them, I look at them and I get physically mad, like when someone puts them into my drink I want to slap my drink off the counter...It is soooo totally weird, but thank God, it is the only thing in my life that I have that reaction to.
18. I think I am really funny, but I always tell Andrew that I am a situational comic, like I would be great on a sitcom. Haaa haa.
19. I love to miss-match my clothes and make it look just off enough that it looks cool.
20. I have the back of 90 year old woman who fell down the stairs.
21. Andrew Told me he loved me after he proposed and my engagement was only 5 months long. It would have been shorter, but out of respect for 2 other friends who were getting married, we waited 2 months longer.
22. I love having people living our house with us and I love love, love having people over. Entertaining in my home makes me so happy. I am a firm believer in community.
23. I love my nephew more than everyone else on the planet except for Andrew. And sometimes I cry because I miss him so much.
24. I love pop music, and I love the disney channel...but I also love rock, indi, folk, regge, punk, rap and all other music...but I don't really love country, or like it.
25. I hope that when I die people say that I lived a life that was a good example of the way the Lord would have us live.

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