Friday, January 27, 2012

The family portrait

Many of you know at least one or two members of my family, and I am sure, by now,  you feel like you know Fred and Charlie...unless you are a new follower.  I am going to let you in on a secret. Although I am a photographer, by education and even trade, we do not do well family photos.
Almost all the photos I have of me and Andrew are pics we have taken of ourselves...holding the camera. When it comes to the "whole" Welker side of the family there is always some big ordeal. It is quite humorous in retrospect. The kids are nuts, Josh doesn't love posing in the pictures, mom has to look great, and make sure that dad looks great and even though we will all be in the same place for like 5 days, we have to SCHEDULE the time that we are going to take the pic.
Last Christmas there was a beautiful snow and the air was hazy and we all went outside and ended up with these really beautiful photos...which were used for this years Welker Christmas card...yes, the photo was a year old.
This Christmas I laughed because I just wanted to take a photo of the family. We will all be together in August and there will be a new addition to the photo, so these pics...they are just for fun. Well, when I saw how they turned out, I about died with laughter. If you know my family I think you will be able to tell exactly what was going on in these but in the case you don't, I will caption them. I will show you in the order they were taken in. I hope you at least laugh a little...and I would love to hear about what happens when your family gets together and wants to take a pic!

Fred, in a good mood, ready to roll!

Charlie, hair did...lookin fly...ready!

Dad...cracking my mom up...ready and in place first while I do light check and the kids get prepped.
This may be my favorite pic of my mom...ever.

Dad...being awesome.

This is my favorite. Mom and dad are serious. Andrew in place.  Michelle is making sure Charlie is good to go, Josh holding Fred while he has a breakdown about having to put his truck down.

All in..everyone not quite ready and Fred is mad.

Better...Fred still mad.

Imagine everyone saying, "Fred, come on...just one pic!"

Notice Fred's face here...This is in response to me first saying, "do I have to put you under my feet to get  you to smile?" no smile.
"then I will bring you over here, sit on you and put you under my booty."
Booty...Gets em every time. 


lets try another way.


oh wait...a ragdoll...(Which I think is hilarious!)

Freds Almost smile. Charlie getting bored.

And...Josh was sniffing Michelle right before this one...which made her crack up...
But it was as good as we were gonna get!

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