Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've said it before...I will say it again.

When we met, I never imagined that he would want to marry me.
I admired his love for people, his constant encouragement of everyone he spoke to, and the way he never says a negative thing about anyone. 
I admired his kind heart his desire to be like Jesus. 
I loved being led in worship by him, and worshiping with him!

 The moment he asked me out, I knew he was my prince charming. Before he asked me out...I wanted to marry him.  Some people don't believe in fairy tales. I am living in one. My best friend, the love of my life, is who I get to spend every day with.
He constantly sweeps me off my feet. 

He makes me laugh so hard. We have so much fun together.

He makes me feel beautiful and he tells me I am every day. He encourages me, constantly, to be better. He values me and shows me that he does through word and action. 

 He has never gotten angry or frustrated with me and constantly works to make sure we are communicating clearly. He is patient and kind.

 He leads us in ways that are GOOD. He prays constantly for me and for our growing child. He prays with me, that we will be God honoring with our lives and our marriage. He prays for his friends. I completely trust him with every important decision. He is wise. He is prayerful.

He is my best friend in the whole world and each day we say so. 
I love and respect this man more than words could really say. 

Before Andrew, I didn't really want to have kids. Once I was with him I realized that no matter how we came about having kids, it would be near criminal for Andrew to exist without some kid having him as a daddy. He already is an amazing uncle and I can't wait for our baby to KNOW him! 

Hey baby, get ready, you have the best daddy. He tells me every day that I am doing a great job making you, and tells you every day that you are doing a great job "growing in there". Every day he tells you he loves you and prays over you. 
If you are a boy, you have so much to learn about being a man. 
Just watch your dad as he loves us and take notes. He is the best man I know. 
If you are a girl, watch how he treats me, loves me, and shows me he loves me. Watch how he loves you and never settle for ANYTHING less than what you see. 

 Andrew, On your birthday, I hope these words aren't new. I do my best to let you know how much I love and respect you on a daily basis. I know that life without you would be just okay and with you it is absolutely better than anything I could imagine. I truly thank the Lord everyday for allowing us to be married and to serve together. I am so thankful for you! I love you.

Happy 30th Birthday, my Love!



vmcmurray said...

What a sweet, sweet birthday blog. I enjoyed talking to you both happy for new addition and look forward to worshipping with you all again soon.

Rachel said...

Public praise is never a bad thing! :)
Sweet words reflect what is obvious a very sweet relationship founded in Christ!
Never apologize for bragging on your amazing man of God!
Love you!

brooke said...

i love this. you have a good man.

Matt and Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. Sweet words are an amazing couple.