Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Small Group

I lead a small group of beautiful 10th grade girls with a sweet college student, Jennie Pearson. These girls are absolutely wonderful. One of the highlights of my week is Wednesday nights when we gather in a room, they talk really loud (and over each other)...and then they settle down and we have great conversation about the sermon. I love hearing about their lives and their thoughts on Christian living.
They are so excited about baby Beard and I am so excited for this baby to have so many people who will love it. This weekend they threw me a shower and it was so fun to just be with them. They got me the sweetest gifts and made me feel super blessed!
Here are some pics!


cupcake toppers

drink tray

decorated with sweet books

those are trix crispy treats! Thanks Mer.

The sweet girls. Some had left before we took the pic - sorry girls! 

wrapped in ribbons...and my high chair they bought me!  
Thanks girls, you are a blessing! I love you each dearly! 

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