Monday, May 7, 2012

Last weekend, April 28th

Last weekend, 5 sweet friends in Dallas/Ft. Worth, threw me a shower.
Hillary, Ethun, Amber, Meggie and Jessi all took a task and threw me the sweetest shower. I feel like I have said this before, but just in case, the baby's room is a very neutral "beach side" theme. 3 of my showers have been some sort of beach themed. It has been so fun to see what each take on "beachside" looks like! So stinking fun. At this shower we hung out outside and had delicious foods and as the sun set, we played some fun games like latter ball and bocce ball. If you have not played bocce ball, you totally should, cause it is one of my favorite outside games! Here are some pics of the day!

Table scape! 
the longest flag bunting ever! Thanks Meggie and Dexter! These will be going up in the nursery!

The Hammock was there specifically for the gifts! So cute!

The spread

This book is a "blessings for baby Beard book"

Latter ball

Mark, Kari and Andrew.

Kari and me!

The hostesses with me and andrew! 

Stephen and Andrew

Dex and Andrew. Andrew is clearly close to his friends here. 

These boats were made for me by my friend Krista Miller. They will be hanging above the babes bed.
Friends, thank you so much for the awesome shower and the awesome friendship! We love you guys!

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