Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Andrew and I celebrated 7 years of marriage yesterday. On the heels of having a new little boy, we weren't sure if there would be any "Celebrating" going on, but just our own little family enjoying each other.
HOWEVER. We were blessed with Andrew's parents coming to town and Granny Annie's baby whispering...I felt great leaving Foster at home for the first time while Andrew and I went out on a date and got that sushi that I have been waiting for!

My husband is truly a gem. I am aware that I am a mom now and that means that my time has to be shared, but I am also very aware that my little boy will learn MUCH about love by watching Andrew and me. I know that he will learn how to love and treat women by watching his dad love me (and me loving Andrew). I know that if Andrew and I don't take time to date and to put our marriage first that  our child will miss out on learning about God's love for him and for us!
So...Date night it was. And it was awesome!
7 Years of Marriage. July 16th

Thanks for the baby sitting Grandma and Grandpa!

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Jessica said...

Great picture of Granny Annie!