Sunday, July 29, 2012


This is not a post about a vacation home.

As of two days ago Foster is a month old. Holy cow, where in the world does the time go? Two weeks ago Andrew started back to work and this week I started working again. Although I don't leave the house for work, it is very difficult to create balance among marriage, work, baby, house-duties, and church. I am doing my best, but my little boy does not like to sleep out of someones arms (which I really do love, it just makes simple tasks like eating a bit more difficult!). I have gotten a good bit of wear out of the Moby Wrap. It has made it easier for me to do simple tasks.

Since my blog (most of the time) is about marriage, I want to just say that it is a difficult balance to divvy up the responsibilities of mom, wife, house duties and job. (Especially when you are breast feeding a baby that eats all the time!) Andrew has been awesome - he does a ton of diaper changing, getting me water, and letting me get up and do work around the house while he holds, plays with, and bounces Foster. Andrew is more than willing to do work around the house, but I want, no, DESIRE, to get up, move around and be productive. I would rather him get home from work, hold his baby and let me move, stretch, fold, wash, dust...whatever..just to feel like I have done something other than sit on my booty and feed a baby. (Now, I know that feeding a baby is a ton of work...but if you have kids, I feel like you will totally get this.) We have a friend who told me this week that when he got home from work his wife would offer to "cut down trees and mow the lawn" (there was a note of sarcasm here) to get a chance to get up, get out, and get moving.

I feel like I am working extra hard to make sure that our marriage is number one. I am constantly speaking words to Foster about how great his dad is and how much I love Andrew.

The reality is that we spend most of our time holding Foster.

He laid down at 8:00 and STAYED ASLEEP on his own. This was truly the first evening that Andrew and I were able to sit cuddled up on the couch. We whispered, watch the Olympics, talked about vacation. It was soooo good that we took a pic to commemorate!

Thanks little Foster for giving us the gift of you laying down and staying's to hoping this was not a one time thing!


Elsie Larson said...

ah! i love you. these little updates make my day!

brooke said...

Aw. I love it.