Monday, July 30, 2012

The Best Gift

I have received many amazing gifts in my life. The "greatest" gifts are intangible (aside from the people the Lord has blessed my life with). Yesterday I was given what may be the actual best gift I have ever gotten. The thing is, it is a tangible gift - but the memories and emotions that come with it are not.

You may remember; I had an awful delivery experience. I don't remember much of anything sweet, aside from Foster being born and Andrew, family, and friends being there to support us.

Andrew and I had made a decision to hire a photographer, our dear friend, Kari Crowe, to photograph at the birth. She took the place of our 3rd person in the delivery room.  She not only went above and beyond, by creating what is the most amazing video I've ever seen, (she recorded audio to add to it), but she and her husband worked hard on it and gifted it to us.
this is Kari and me...and Foster. Don't worry, I'm aware of how awesome I look.
Kari is an unbelievable photographer and friend. I will never be able to thank her enough for this gift or tell her what it means to me to have a memory of this day that is so amazingly beautiful.
So, if you need any photography work done, do NOT hesitate to check Kari out...She is AWESOME!

Check out her website here. Check out her blog here.  She is also a foodie, and a food photographer, check out her foodie blog here - It's also listed on the right hand side of your screen. (forkmeatspoon)

Before I let you watch it, I have to say that it took me a minute to decide if I would link it or not. This video has NO shots that are "birthy" (I made that word up!). But it is literally one of the most intimate moments of my life. At the end of the day, it is too beautiful for me not to share it.

A little set up/info. The opening sound is of the heartbeat monitor, the messages are me and Andrew, then my mom, followed by my dad, Andrew's mom, and Andrews dad. The Photos of Andrew with the HUGE smile followed by me covering my face is when he told me it was boy. The pics of us on the phone are him with his grandparents and then siblings...and the one of me with a tear is me telling my grandma, the one of me laughing is me on the phone with my brother and his family.

I seriously can't watch it with out weeping...So, get out the tissues if you are a crier! And turn your volume up.


I'm Jenn said...

This is beautiful Sarah! What an amazing keepsake to start your lives out with Foster. Can't wait to snuggle him!!!

Rachel said...

Sobbing. Absolutely beautiful. What an amazing keepsake!

Anonymous said...

Sar, so beautiful. Jimmy and I sat here and watched it holding hands and crying. Total side note...Foster and Anna both weighed the exact amount (7 lbs. 11.9 oz.) isn't that weird?

Anyway, I read the "time share" post too and rest assured, he will continue down that track slowly but surely of being more consistent w/his sleep! We love you guys and are still so excited for you. Each "phase" gets more and more fun!


brooke said...

So good! Maybe I cried...