Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chritsmas Spoil!

First let me say that I realize and am totally aware that Christmas is soooo not about what you get, and I am the first to say let us take the time to remember what the season is all about.
BUT..It is ridiculous how spoiled I am, by my parents, my husband and by Santa Clause!!!

I just wanted to tell you about how I entered into the tech world!
This is not the IPhone, (andrew got that) but the Itouch. It is my first Ipod and a TOTAL surprise!! (from mommy and Daddy)
My mom always makes fun of me because I have been wearing the same pair of Birkenstocks since my Freshman year of High School! NO LIE!! I love them, and I refused to buy a new pair, so under the Tree, I also got these. Which were also I total surprise!
From Andrew, I got this AMAZING coat that I had been wanting, and I will post a photo of that later. (I am a big dork and left it in St. Louis, but I will get it next weekend.) I took a lot of photos of the baby and my family, but I will have to post them later...they are on my other computer. From my in-laws, Andrew and I got plane tickets to go see Matt and Jodi in CO, in Feb. I am so excited!! What a wonderful gift! We had such a blessed time with family and friends and we love our little nephew! Okay more to post later!!!


photography4me said...

Welcome home Sarah!!! Nice gifts you got. Cant wait to see your other posts.
Oooohhh! I get this book in the mail about twice a year and it is from my old high school and it has info in it about classes that you can take. Well there is a digital photography 101 class, taught by a proffesional photographer from a local area. There will be 6 classes, 1 hr. per class for $129. We will be working on topics such as composition, camera angles, posing, lighting and fundamentals of editing with a software. If you'd like you can check out his portfolio found on and where it states meet the team or whatever it says click on there and you will see the name Matt Mason. Well he will be the instructor. I am sooooo excited about this. This is going to come in real handy for me. With the wedding photoshoot coming up in May. I want to go into this wedding with a very positive confidence level. And I will have lots of ?'s for Matt. Well anyway I will talk to you soon. So take care. And use your new berks. toss the

LaTisha said...

Yeah! I'm glad you have an ipod...they are very nice...I love mine! There's nothing like putting your feet in a new pair of shoes...ahhhh, the comfort! lol!! I am glad you made it home safe. Tell Andrew I said hello!