Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Pictures!

After reading the previous BEAST OF A POST I thought I owed you some photos!
Here are some from Christmas Break. The first is my Brother!
Joshua Grant Welker, He is an amazing artist and dad to his baby who is in the next picture. The last photo is my MOMMY. (in her closet)
by the way, these photos are RAW as in they are completley unedited.


photography4me said...

What a beautiful mother. She looks like a TV Star, And that little guy is adorable. I see you've been super busy. Dont forget to take time for your self.

Karen J said...

Okay, so anyway, I've looked at one million places to find an email address for you and have googled the crap out of your name, josh's name, david's your cousin out and give me an email for you!!!!!!! :)