Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What a week!

WoW! I don't know how I lived in college. I swear I could go for weeks working, staying up being stupid till 3am and then getting up at 7 going running, going to class and then back to work. I really did this? Andrew and I have been getting back into the swing of things this week. We have taken on 2 more Bible Studies, which have been awesome! BUT is early. We do this BS(bible study) before school on Mondays called Flight training for our Juniors and Seniors. it is at 6:45 and meets at Starbucks. (so we try to get there at least by 6:30) right now there are 9 of us, it seems we may need to build on to Starbucks so that we can all fit!! So here is the kicker, we have more students who are interested, but couldn't meet on Monday, SO we decided it was worth it to do it again on Tuesday. (Monday is late start so 6:45 works) Tuesday we met at 6:15!! so we got there at 6:05ish! Do you know that it is DARK AND COLD! Don't feel sorry for me, I know most of you do this. But after the bible study on monday we worked till 5pm, after the study on tuesday we worked till 3 in the office, then I mentored a girl till 4:30 while Andrew and a friend practiced a song for church till near 5. then we ate, then we went back to church to hear a choir and then we hosted two college students at our house. Which of course we stayed up with until like 12:30. So today we had them up early, and had lots of Bible Studies to study for so we came home to work (now it is like 9:20) so I go to my room and sit on my bed to plug my phone in and listen to the voice mails, while doing so, i laid down. AND FELL STRAIGT ASLEEP. I slept till 11:00!!! CRAZY. so then I got up and worked like crazy till 2:30 when we went to church. At about 3:00 8 students show up and goof off in our office till 5 when the first BS starts, then we follow with 2 more Bible Studies and then an awesome 30 min. conversation with a student! WE LOVE OUR LIVES!!!!! but I am already exhausted and it is WED!!!! So I ask you, are you feeling the exhaustion of growing up too? Do you also feel like you could way harder when you were in college? I Just don't get it!

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