Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I saw some movies that I loved over christmas break. My favorite was the ever popular JUNO!
GO to see it if you can! Even if you can't...GO!

I also saw I am Legend, Sweeny Todd, PS I Love You, and National Treasure 2.
I recommend them all, but not Sweeny Todd if you don't like blood!


Bridget said...

Hey girl! I loved Juno--the writing was just fantastic. Also, yes I do sometimes feel like I'm losing it, and I can't remember how I survived it in college. I think it's because I took a lot more naps then...

I miss you!

Andrea Bowman said...

i loved juno!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

Just went and saw American Gangster last night..wasn't bad!!
Makes u think!!!!

Bridget said...

We'll be around that week! We're going to a party at Ryan McCoy's house on the night of Feb 8th in Joplin... It's his annual air hockey tournament. Aside from that we'll be in Springfield that whole week. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you came to visit us!

katie mae said...

yeah for juno. :)

Angie said...

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