Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's on the news

I thought this came as a timely news story since I have been talking about my own marriage journey.
Gayle Haggard just wrote a book about choosing to stay with her husband, Ted Haggard.She was featured this morning on the Today show, for some reason it isn't letting me post the link, but you should google "Today Show Gayle Haggard" and watch the video.
There was one thing she said that hit me the most. She said something along the lines of, "The night that he told me, we were in bed. He reached over to touch me and that was when I decided to choose to love him."
She is a good woman.

For some of us, loving our spouse or the people around us really isn't that difficult...but it is always a choice. We should not treat each other with the understanding that "they are going to love me no matter how I treat I can get away with it." What an un-fulfilling way to live.I pray that I am choosing to love Andrew and choosing to show it with my actions.I have heard people say, we hurt the ones we love the most, but if that is we really love them?

Let me know your thoughts...but one quick story before I go.

Andrew does the laundry (and the machine is in the basement). We have been "not home" so much that all the clean laundry is in like 7 piles in our bedroom. The duvet was sitting on the bed for 3 days and I am sure this had been driving Andrew crazy (he is clean). I mean, he does the laundry and I am supposed to fold it and then we put it away last night Andrew knew I wanted some jeans cleaned and so he ran a load while students were over for Bible study. When they left he went back down to switch them to the dryer. As he walked out of the room, I thought, "this is my opportunity to put the downed comforter into the duvet...All without his help...It will be a surprise." Which is totally silly because I should have done it three days ago, but I usually use his help. So he gets up stairs and I put on my "look what I'm doing" with a little kid smile face. He doesn't say anything...booooSo then I actually say, "I thought I would do something too!" to which he replies in a really sarcastic, little kid sounding voice, "Well that's a nice change!"This was my opportunity to try to tackle him, when I couldn't I just jumped on the bed like a crazy person while he shook his head in amazement at what a freak I am.So, the moral of today's story...HAVE FUN, Jump on your clean bed!
We were thinking about doing a video blog post on Friday. So, if there is anything you want us to chat about...well, we are open to suggestions. Just leave a comment and we will see what we can do!
Love ya,


The Reardon's said...

Sarah Beard, you are an amazing woman and so encouraging to my soul. The Lord is using you in ways you don't even know. Be blessed my sweet friend. XOXO

Tramfrau said...

Sarah, I'm so glad you're blogging again and what a great way to use it! And what a fabulous inspiration you are to your youth group and all of your friends!

John & I have been married 31 years and we are still very best friends. Better now than ever! We'd rather be with each other than anyone else, and, just like you and Andrew, laughter is a huge part of our relationship. But even more is our Lord; He is #1 in our relationship. (It also helps to marry a man who knows how to handle a Poeppel woman.)

I'm looking forward to more in your blog and reading more funny stories! Love you!