Sunday, June 17, 2012

Andrews first

Today is so fun! My sweet, sweet husband is celebrated as a father for the first time. I know, the baby isn't born yet, but it's fun to think that baby could be born today! (One can dream).
I have gone on and on about how amazing Andrew is, but really, could one ever say enough about such a huge blessing in their life? I cannot wait to see Andrew be a daddy. It makes me sooo giddy! I know how much he loves me and how how he shows it, but to imagine watching him show love to a "little" is beyond my imagination.

Andrew, you are a gem. You are the strongest and gentlest man I know. I am beyond grateful for your leadership in our home and I cannot wait to walk with you through this next chapter...which I would love to start today! haha!  Thank you for being a peacemaker and exhibiting Godly character to everyone you encounter! Thank you for making every thing we do so much fun. 

Happy First Fathers Day!
Man I love this guy!

Now, I know y'all love those silly stories I tell about Andrew, so here is a new one.
 Remember I am in my 39th week of pregnancy. 

My parents are in town and we went to Ikea to buy some shelves and a cheap lamp. I sat in the back seat with mom, I was behind Andrew. We got out of the car in the parking lot and Andrew had his water bottle in his hand. He shut the door and I shut mine and he stood right in front of me and said, "this is what it should be like." 
I was a little confused, because as he was talking he dumped water between my feet. It splashed up on my feet and legs. 
It took me about 1 second to realize that he was making an "if your water breaks" joke. I immediately started laughing and had to lean on this time mom was walking around the car and looked at us, looked at the ground and then did one of those really deep breaths and yelled, "Did your water break!?" 
Which of course made us laugh even harder. 
Once I stopped laughing I explained my husbands sick humor and we all got a really good laugh. 
Incase you were worried, it was hot enough that my shoes were dry before we got into the store.

While I am typing and reading this, I am realizing that you may not think it is as funny as it actually was, but oh my gosh, it was really funny. 

Love you Andrew! You are the best! 


Bryan, Val and CarJack said...

I actually think this is super hilarious. My water broke the day before we were supposed to induce, while we doing last minute diaper shopping. We had always talked about my water breaking "Coneheads" style. Good luck, and I'm super excited for you both!

Allyson. said...

Gosh, I just miss you guys so much. I love this story and Sarah, you look almost unrealistically gorgeous in that picture. Seriously, how do you look so amazing? haha. The other day while Werm and I were praying for Baby Beard I started getting choked up. I think about that little diaper of joy everyday and wonder if it will be the day. I can't wait to know that baby and watch you two exemplify a beautiful parenthood. You guys rule. I love you both so much.