Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I just like to laugh

We, in the Beard household, love to laugh. We have such a good time with life because we know when to take things seriously and when to just let it crack us up! 
We love laughter so much we are considering Isaac for the middle name of our child, if it is a boy, of course. So...I thought I would post a few things that made me laugh this week. 

For those of you who know Andrew really well, you know he HATES spiders. I saw this on Pintrest the other day and thought, I bet he has done this before! 

Today, this was linked on my Facebook wall by a friend, and former student, Katja Jones. She thought this was totally "me and Drew". When I read it, I laughed sooooo hard and thought, "yep, that's about right!" For our whole marriage I have referred to myself as "us" and "we"! 
I hope you get a laugh out of it! 

Have a fun day! 

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