Monday, June 25, 2012

As of now...

I still cannot even believe that I am writing updates instead of posting a pic of my newborn.

This morning the nurse called my name, I stood up and walked to the door and she rolled her eyes, "seriously?"
"I know!"
She checked my blood pressure, and laughed when saying, "I was kinda hoping it would be just high enough to ship you over to Labor and Delivery."
"Is it high?"
"Not at all."

We go into the appointment and my doctor lets us know that we can schedule inducement, and suggests  Friday. I suggest sooner, we settle on Wed. Morning.

So, the latest news as of now is this.
We are sleeping in our house tonight knowing that this very well may be the last night in our home without a kid.

Both sets of grandparents are here, ready, and waiting.

As long as we don't get bumped from a list by an emergency, we will head to the hospital tomorrow night, and begin the process of "getting ready for labor and delivery". We will sleep in the hospital and if I have not gone into labor by 8:00am (which lets face it, the way things have been going I will probably not) I will be moved to L and D and start the pitocin.

So, in a dream world,  we will be meeting our baby by Wed night.

Thanks so much for all the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. This journey has been super emotional and exciting and we cannot wait for our baby to be here and to meet you! Your prayers and text of encouragement have been priceless gems to us. Love to you!!

Now, if you want to read a HILARIOUS post about one of my friends who recently gave birth, you should check out Allison Sloan's blog and read the last two posts. I have read it twice and CRIED HARD from both laugher and sweet sentiment.

Thanks for stopping in!


Amy said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! In a couple days your baby will be here and in a couple weeks I'll get to see BOTH of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Please insert me doing the Running Man right here.) (Now insert me singing "I'm so excited!!" and then please remember the episode of Saved By the Bell when Jessie took energy pills, freaked out, and sang that song.)

meli said...

Having your ankles massaged can help to induce. Just a helpful hint from a massage therapist. I hope the birth goes well! Praying for you guys!