Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking Back

As I was looking back over previous posts, i was laughing so hard at some of my post of the interaction between Andrew and me. Immediately I wanted to started blogging again and making sure that I get some of this stuff in writing.
So I am back. I do not promise to be faithful, but I always have good intentions.
I will start with the fact that it snowed mountains last night. Okay, that was a little exaggerated. We got like 8ish inches. Today we were driving to Starbucks to read and meet up with a friend. On our way there we were talking about the state of snow on a cold day.
"Isn't it weird that snow melts even when the weather is below freezing?" Andrew asks.
"I just think it is amazing that the snow glitters like a vampires skin in sunlight." I reply.

Yes, these are the conversations that I want to remember.
I hope we can bring at least a giggle to your life every now and again. I really have missed this and am excited to be back.

Love to you and yours.


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lee ellen said...

YES! I'm glad you guys are back too :)