Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh snow...

You know those scenes in movies where someone does something that causes a mess and then people laugh. Like, someone throws food on someone and then follows a two person food fight. Then they sit in their mess and laugh. I feel like this is a far cry from reality. Most folks don't see this ever happen. Most people would see this start, then worry about their clothes and space being ruined or dirty. I have discovered a way for this to happen without making a mess.
It has been snowing a lot here recently. The snow is piled on top of our car because we don't have a garage. Yesterday we went to the movies and then ran a few errands. We were chewing gum and Andrew decided it was time for the gum to go (while we were driving). He says, "I think I'll throw it out of the moon roof!". To which I reply, "okay" (with a laugh). Only thinking about the 24 degree temp. Well, Andrew opens the moon roof and and in falls the avalanche!!!! ON MY HEAD. Andrew had like maybe a snowballs worth of snow on his arm and I got it all down my shirt and all over my lap! All I could do was laugh. We just cracked up.
Don't get me wrong, if it was something that would have ruined my clothes, I may not have thought it was so funny...but it just was.
In the process of the moon roof opening, some ice slid into the opening and the moon roof got stuck open.
So the next time you want to have a silly movie scene turned real life-use snow!
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